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Hex File Viewer

Hexer is a desktop level hex viewer packed with features. It was developed from the ground up for iOS and iPadOS. It is natural and intuitive to use for everyone. It is integrated with the Files app. So you can browse Dropbox, Google Drive, your git repositories, your downloads, your documents in iCloud Drive or your desktop. Or you can just share any file to it.

The primary screen in Hexer showing ASCII and hexadecimal representation of a file. The analysis screen provides additional information about the document and the current selection.

Bytes are highlighted in different colors: Printable characters are cyan, spaces blue, null bytes grey, control characters pink and so on. The colors appear across the binary, hexadecimal, and ASCII column — or can just be turned off completely.

Overview of some of the themes available in Hexer. Themes can be set to always dark or light or to adapt to the system theme automatically. The right screenshot shows some of the options that can be configured, the code pages available as well as the order and visibility of the columns.

Multiple options are available to aid your inspection of files. Many popular themes from text editor and terminals are available. Line numbers can be shown and overscroll enabled. When you copy or share text you have complete control over the formatting. Column counts in powers of two (8 bytes, 16, 32, ...) or in any number that fits if you so choose. The app supports ASCII, ISO Latin 1 and EBCDIC code pages. The UI is navigable by keyboard on iPad and there are shortcuts to toggle almost everything. Further features are left for you to discover.

Search sidebar in Hexer. The sidebars in the iPad app take full screen on iPhone.

You can search even large files in Hexer. While searching you have the option to choose the ASCII or hexadecimal column in case you are looking for specific byte sequences. Results can be filtered with regular expression and case sensitivity can be enabled or disabled. A list of results is previewed and you can jump to their location in the document and skip between the m with arrow keys on iPad.

Hexer allows for detailed analysis of files or the current selection. You can decode to integers, see byte frequencies, detect file signatures – also known as magic numbers – or read metadata like creation date and UNIX permissions.

The App is made by a real person out of love

When you buy the app (no hidden in app purchases) the money goes straight to me to support development of this and other apps. If you have any questions or feature requests you can just write me an email and let me know. I will continue development with many more planned features like editing.

The App is friendly

There are no in app purchases, ads, tracking, nor is there any data collected. You buy it once and then use it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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