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This website is generated using the free and open source Swift static site generator Publish by John Sundell. The entire source code is open source on a GitHub page. It is served as pure HTML and CSS, no JavaScript is used, no cookie is ever set; this website is 100% natural; no animals were harmed in the making of this website.

The body text is set in Vollkorn by Friedrich Althausen. The headlines are set in Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten. Monospaced text in code samples is set in IBM Plex Mono. All of these are published under the SIL open fonts license.

Italic small capitals have been faked for Vollkorn by using oblique small capitals of a heavier weight.

Syntax highlighting is statically baked into the HTML of the website – no JavaScript here as well. It uses the Pygments syntax highlighter which is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license. I adapted the xcode color scheme from there while tweaking it and creating my own dark color scheme, both based on the colors used as syntax highlighting in Xcode 15.

The header icons are adapted from icons8. All other used images are my own work unless a specific source is given.

My hosting provider STRATO performs some minor analytics which I cannot turn off. They store access logs for 6 months. Please read the privacy policy for the legal text.